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Two years ago, you hit me.

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*Note: if you’ve been a victim of trauma or abuse, the following could trigger memories, emotions, and thoughts of your trauma. I want you to be well. Please only read if you’re in a healthy space to filter and process those thoughts and emotions. Also, you may feel ashamed, isolated, and alone—that’s normal. There IS help available. You can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799...[Read More]

Reconciliation—it’s not like a movie.

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Reconciliation is a far cry from forgiveness. I haven’t seen my father in six years. We haven’t spoken more than twice in the past three years, and prior to that, it wasn’t much more than a handful of times. In that time, he’s been absent for the struggle of 4 miscarriages, my IVF treatment, the pregnancy of my twin daughters, their birth, two birthday parties, and all the holidays in-between. Our...[Read More]

The Funny Side of Divorce

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Ok…who am I kidding? There’s absolutely nothing funny about divorce. It’s terrible. Hands down, it’s in the Top 5 Most Horrible Things I’ve Ever Experienced. If you’ve never been through it, take my word for it. It’s…Terrible. (With a capital T—that rhymes with P for ‘Please make it stop!’) That being said, I never thought I’d find myself in this position and there’s no way I was prepared fo...[Read More]