Is God Ghosting Me?
  • Spiritual Identity
It has been six years since my daughter took her last breath in my arms, and I am just now beginning to hear God again. It hasn’t been an easy process, and it is a process far from over.
I’m a Pastor and I Need Counseling
  • Calling & Purpose
...counseling can help individuals to be more resilient and better able to handle the challenges that life throws their way. This can ultimately make them more effective at the job they love doing—pastoring, shepherding, and loving those entrusted to their care.
Defining Comity
  • Digital Evangelism
It is time to find common ground. We share a common humanity. It’s time to honor humanity with an honest effort to have comity and peace among all of us.
Does Suffering Actually Make You Stronger?
  • Spiritual Disciplines
 No, suffering does not make you stronger. But with God’s help through the guidance of others, we can still find beauty in the life we live around and through the pain.
How to Wrestle Online
  • From the Thred Desk
Jacob reminds us daily that spiritual wrestling is not about power and victory, but rather about vulnerability and relationship.
God Knows Your Heart
  • Spiritual Disciplines
I found it deeply vulnerable to turn the corner at verse 13 and consider that God knows me so well because He actually made me – carefully and masterfully.
5 Ways to Live a More Authentic Life 
  • Spiritual Disciplines
Living an authentic life requires acknowledging when you are, or are not, living according to how God made you.
ADHD and Me 
  • Spiritual Identity
Women with ADHD often go undiagnosed because society tells us to turn our struggles inward. We assume that if we can’t meet certain standards or perform certain tasks that we must be the problem, not the expectations that are placed on us.
Borscht and Why It Matters
  • Digital Evangelism
But what I’m beginning to realize is that recognizing and respecting the way others’ experiences and identities are different from mine is a major part of treating them as valued individuals and loving them as God intends.
3 Ways to Love Others Through Food
  • Culture & Faith
The bottom line is that God cares about the hungry, the nutritionally starved, and those on the margins. We as God’s people should also care.
How to Share Your Faith in 30 Seconds 
  • Calling & Purpose
Opening the door to conversations about faith always feels risky, and unclear. At the same time, I desire them. I want my close friends to know the most important parts of my life, including the part that believes in Jesus.