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Parents Are People Too

Parents Are People Too

I turn 30 in 30 days.

All the stigma surrounding a number seems to have skipped over me. I am excited for an excuse to get my friends together; these days with everyone having little babies or toddlers it’s quite the challenge.

I would love to say it will be some epic bash, but I can already hear how the conversations will play out through the entirety of the evening.

Kids, kids, kids.

I stay home with my twin two-year-olds. My life has pretty much been sucked into a vacuum of Pinterest activities, bribes I swore I would never succumb to, and lots of time-out threats. The last thing I want to do is reminisce about the past month of potty-training fails and constipation issues of toddlers.

But as a stay-at-home mom, these are the conversations people drown you with. Your identity as anything more than a parent seems irrelevant.

The alternative to these conversations seem to be hostile remarks about your lack of drive to be anything more. So now this identity you have created is constantly under attack.

I imagine it’s just hard to relate…

The picture I had of myself at 30 sure looked different in the original blueprint I worked up in college—but can’t most of us say that?

Staying home with my children isn’t a career choice, it’s a life choice. Being a mother isn’t a career I’ve chosen; it’s part of who I am. It isn’t a job for a working mother either—they’ve just chosen a different style of parenthood.

My goal as a 30-something is to cut out all the BS—to let these notions about each other’s lives fade into the background and have open, off-the-wall conversations with those in my life.

As I’ve gotten older I expected the weight of expectations others place on you to be reduced. But unfortunately with all the blogs and illusions of reality we see day-in and day-out on social media, our lifestyle choices seem constantly under attack by our own insecurities.

What if at my 30th birthday party, conversations ranged from growing a salsa garden to the craziest situation we had been on in the past year?  What if we laughed like children and spared no time to gossip or check our phones for details on what other people may or may not be doing that day?

I feel the walls coming down already. We don’t have to talk about how we are different or how we are the same. All our families work differently, regardless of whether I wipe my kids’ bottoms EVERY TIME they use the bathroom or you wipe it when you get home. We are all doing our part!!

This post reflects the views of the author, and is intended to start a conversation. Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Or, if you’d like to hear some overall thoughts on parenting from Christians at THRED, you can find those over here.

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As a mom I am busy soaking up all the fun that twin two-year-olds have to offer. This requires I stay highly caffeinated and enjoy at least one uninterrupted evening of reality tv a week ... a few glasses of red wine don't hurt either. I am very thankful for the every day of the mundane life I get to call my own!!

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