Dear Suicidal Me

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Dear Suicidal Me, Hi there. Remember me? I’m the one you worked so hard to maintain, the one you always wanted to be. All those hours at the gym, the yoga, the Psalms, the positive self talk when everything seemed wrong . . . But it failed. Because now you’re you. You look in the mirror and wish you could see a glimpse of me too. But you fail. You just see you. All those hours at counseling, the f...

Suicide’s impact is broad. And our understanding is narrow.

Read Time: 4 min.

From the moment she walked into my classroom, I saw a little bit too much of myself in her. She was an introverted junior transfer, struggling to find a place for herself in a new school, in a new state. Over the course of the first semester, I got to know her through her writing and she frequented my classroom after school. While I have several former students who I remain close to, I normally tr...

It’s just a thing…but I lost it.

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I had arrived early (not NORMALLY my style) to my weekly yoga practice. I decided to take advantage of one of our first truly warm spring days of the season and walked around the studio’s parking lot to de-fog my brain from a busy day. I helped get the studio set up for class and took some time to focus as the workout began. In the middle of my flow from Downward Facing Dog to Plank and back to Do...

When My Chest Caves In

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Sometimes my chest caves in on itself. My lungs collapse. My ribs crush together with the force of two vehicles colliding, metal on metal screeching as it bends and breaks. My heart quivers and explodes. Instead of debris, I am left with a hole. I have anxiety. I am still not exactly sure what that means. Is my anxiety situational? Am I simply responding to the stress of “adulting”,  loss of a job...


Read Time: 7 min.

Never been anxious? Please share your secret with humanity. Anxiety is a part of life for most people.  At some level, we’ve all probably felt anxious about something: finding love, affording life, a future without our loved ones, deadlines, change—the list goes on, endlessly! Anxiety is a complex issue that affects people in different forms and with different levels of severity. It can look like ...

How Do Christians Respond to Suicide?

Read Time: 7 min.

If suicide has claimed the life of someone you love, you’re likely experiencing a whole host of emotions. Perhaps you’re ashamed that he couldn’t face his problems, hurt that she left you behind, confounded that death could possibly have seemed like the best option, or angry that she didn’t reach out to you for help. With so many questions that haunt us about death, suicide seems to yell its quest...

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