Read Time: 7 min.

When it comes to money and wealth, we always look at those who have more than us: Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and other members of the ‘1%.’ Those people are wealthy, no doubt. But what if we flipped our perspective? What if we look at who is behind us on a global scale? There is a website that does this—you can put in your yearly income and see where you land compared to the world’s population. Th...

God Became Human

Read Time: 2 min.

A great teacher, a historical figure, a wise man, a revolutionary… the descriptions of Jesus go on and on. But if you ask Christians to describe him, there’s one thing that comes to the forefront: Jesus is God himself, come as a human being. That’s what we really believe. And when we say human, we mean completely and totally human—with a human body, mind, and soul. Jesus wasn’t faking it.  He is G...


Read Time: 6 min.

Have you ever asked a Christian, or wanted to ask a Christian, “why do you even bother going to church?” I bother going to church, and I’m hoping I can answer in a way that makes sense. Speak up in the comments if it doesn’t. What the Church Is To answer your question, I need to start somewhere else—with what Christians think the church really is. You already know it means more than a building to ...

Why Forgiveness?

Read Time: 7 min.

In 2006, a gunman went into a small Amish school in Pennsylvania. Within minutes he killed five young girls and critically wounded another five. The shooter then killed himself before police could intervene. What happened next stunned the nation: The Amish community immediately forgave the shooter. That very day they went to the shooter’s wife and parents to be with them, to mourn with them, and t...

Jesus Christ, Inc.

Read Time: 3 min.

*Disclaimer: I currently do not identify with any specific religion. You could say I’m spiritual, but not religious. I’m a curious person. Especially when it comes to religion. When I think about Christianity, I tend to obsess over the same question: “If Jesus was alive today, how would he position himself?” This might seem like a weird question, until you get to know me. I’ve been hel...

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