Life Challenges

How Should Christians Approach Race Relations?

Read Time: 5 min.

Admittedly, Christians have not done a good job at speaking out against racism. Martin Luther King famously repeated, “the most segregated hour in America is eleven o’clock on Sunday morning.” More than half a century later, these words still ring true, with 90% of churches made up of at least 90% of one ethnic group. Because of this, to speak out against the racism we see in others and ignore the...

My First Trip to a Counselor

Read Time: 2 min.

“You know there are people you can talk to about this, right?” My first instinct was to tell my mother, rather vehemently, that I was NOT crazy. I had a loving family, great friends, and a rock solid Christian faith. I was also 26, living in a small town with very few local friends, and spending the majority of my time working.  Overworking, really. I was definitely having a bit of a quarter life ...

Making Peace with a Violent World

Read Time: 3 min.

The world is pretty violent. Gang violence, foreign wars, police brutality, bullying at school, the death penalty, violent entertainment, road rage, domestic violence…you name it, we’ve got it. What can we do? How can we fight violence and make peace? Good questions. There should be an unease when it comes to the prevalence of violence. Indeed, more and more people are sensing that this isn’t the ...

When My Chest Caves In

Read Time: 4 min.

Sometimes my chest caves in on itself. My lungs collapse. My ribs crush together with the force of two vehicles colliding, metal on metal screeching as it bends and breaks. My heart quivers and explodes. Instead of debris, I am left with a hole. I have anxiety. I am still not exactly sure what that means. Is my anxiety situational? Am I simply responding to the stress of “adulting”,  loss of a job...

Life Isn’t Fair

Read Time: 2 min.

As I’ve got older I have become increasingly attached to the phrase ‘it is what it is’. Sometimes it’s said in recognition, sometimes in resignation. Usually it’s because something happened that’s outside my control; it may not be fair but there’s nothing I can do to change it. Why can’t life be fair? Life is fair in the movies. Life is fair with karma. Life is fair in the imaginary ideal of the w...


Read Time: 7 min.

Never been anxious? Please share your secret with humanity. Anxiety is a part of life for most people.  At some level, we’ve all probably felt anxious about something: finding love, affording life, a future without our loved ones, deadlines, change—the list goes on, endlessly! Anxiety is a complex issue that affects people in different forms and with different levels of severity. It can look like ...

What Do Christians Think About Poverty?

Read Time: 5 min.

We can’t seem to make it go away. If you are reading this on a computer or tablet or smartphone—that you personally own—material poverty is not the defining force of your life. You might be part of the 71% of humanity that lives on less than $10 a day, but you are certainly not living in abject poverty. In most developing countries this would mean less than $2.50 a day—sadly the reality for ...

How Do Christians Respond to Suicide?

Read Time: 7 min.

If suicide has claimed the life of someone you love, you’re likely experiencing a whole host of emotions. Perhaps you’re ashamed that he couldn’t face his problems, hurt that she left you behind, confounded that death could possibly have seemed like the best option, or angry that she didn’t reach out to you for help. With so many questions that haunt us about death, suicide seems to yell its quest...

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