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THRED Dialogues – The Message of Jesus: Love is Service

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Pieces by THRED are collaborative works produced or managed by our in-house team. Not all of these pieces take a stance, but when they do, you can take it as THRED's position on the issue.

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  1. It is so hard to serve others, but Jesus makes it very plain that we are to do as He did. That must be our love for others, even if they don’t care! That is part of what makes it so hard! Jesus freely offered up His life to redeem all mankind, not just those who were His followers. He tells the disciples in John that this is a command. If I look at this from a “human” point of view, I cannot do it. But if you have Jesus’ love in your heart for others, nothing can destroy that. As Christians we ask for the Holy Spirit who helps us to love as Jesus did. We don’t always succeed, but we keep trying because we are thankful for Jesus’ love for us first. And the Bible says that this is how others will know that we truly belong to Jesus. Just like Jesus’ love, it is a SACRIFICE.

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