At THRED® we believe your perspective and your experiences are valid and important. We believe we can learn things through dialogue with each other that we can’t learn any other way. And we believe the hardest topics should be talked about more, not less.

That’s why we’re tirelessly creating opportunities for important conversations to happen online—from articles to videos, from our forums (coming soon) to your own social media—and we’re always asking how we can start better conversations in more places.

We are Christians, and we believe Jesus still has a lot to offer people today, so most of our material will include a Christian perspective. But we are also open-minded, and we are listening—we think that’s the only way to talk about faith or life or anything else truly important.

So join the conversation. We need you.

…and more coming soon.

THRED is a project of Lutheran Hour Ministries.


Rachel Legoute

First and foremost a people person, Rachel is taking her gift of gab and love for conversation and applying it to the THRED community!  She loves her two little girls, reading new authors, fancy dinners, and she makes it a goal to laugh hard every day.  She does not like having to be brief, or ham on pizza…

Rachel’s Posts

Don Everts

Don spent 18 years on college campuses getting into all sorts of fascinating conversations about life, faith, Jesus, and the virtues of cheap pizza. His weird little book, Jesus with Dirty Feet, has helped thousands of people get a whiff of Jesus without being subjected to annoying Christian jargon.

Chris Paavola

Chris can talk like Donald Duck better than Donald Duck. He thinks he’s a better dancer than he really is. He also develops some of the content on THRED.org.

Jon Christopher

To put it frankly, Jon is a conversationalist. With a penchant for forging relationships, watching movies and playing board games, he will find something to discuss with anyone. He also enjoys keeping it light and hanging out with his beautiful wife, Danielle.

Megan Panarusky

Megan helps keep all the balls in the air to make THRED run smoothly. She loves having her mind blown by people who don’t think like her, and she collects coffee cup sleeves to mark her adventures to new places.


Our team will be the first to admit that THRED is far from perfect. Have you noticed anything about THRED that we could do better? Any ideas for new content, or new ways we could help make awesome conversation happen? We’d love to hear about it.