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Your Faith is a Catalyst for Change

No matter how big or small your faith feels in this moment, you’ve got a powerful story.

Discover how to integrate your faith into your online presence and share your story of hope and connection.

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9 Lessons
In this course, you’re going to discover 7 core principles for creating more meaningful conversations online. You’ll learn not only what research reveals about the unique nature of our digital conversations but also what God’s Word says about how to faithfully engage in those conversations.
Rachel Tichich
8 Lessons
In our world of unlimited access to online content, we struggle with the ability to really connect with other people in our lives. This course will work with you to discover how to engage in meaningful digital conversations with others, no matter where they are in their journey of faith.
Jon, Rachel and Ashley
4 Lessons
Your Spiritual Identity impacts the way you interact and engage with others in face to face communication and on social media.  In this course, Thred covers what it means to Understand, Embrace and Embody your Identity in Christ in this digital world.
Ryan Pfendler

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Thred courses take you deeper into the art of spiritual conversations, giving you practical tips and dynamic tools to better connect with others.
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