Free Sermon Series Kit for Pastors

Equip your congregation to share Jesus online with confidence.

Help your people use their digital voices

Everyone has a digital voice with the power to influence. Equip your congregation to cut through the digital noise and become online Influencers for good.

Your free sermon series kit includes:

  • Full outlines for 3 sermons
  • Small group study guide
  • Customizable graphics
  • Bumper video

Download Influencer Sermon Series

Take your congregation deeper

Each person in your pews has a powerful story to share. Explore more ways to equip your community to integrate their faith into their online presence.

Free Courses

Practical tools to share your faith with confidence.

Discover 7 core, biblical principles for creating more meaningful conversations online.

Discover how to engage in spiritual conversations with others—no matter their faith.
Explore your identity in Christ and understand how it impacts your digital conversations.

Prepare your people for digital witness

In an age of division, you can help your congregation steward their digital voices to bless instead of curse
(James 3:9).

Get started with your free 3-sermon series kit—and equip your church to share Jesus in any digital space.