Grief: Let’s Talk About It 
  • Culture & Faith
Experiencing grief lends you entrance to the club no one wants to be a part of. But it can connect you to others who have had to face the same pain.
Do we make faith too complicated? 
  • Calling & Purpose
We can—and should—have faith in each other, one human to another. You can have faith in someone and, sometimes, that’s all they need to hear to get through whatever life throws at them.
Creativity in the Creator 
  • Spiritual Identity
I meet God as a reflection of the ultimate Creator in my creative work. This is the beautiful spiritual work He calls me to every day.
The world’s view of purpose can be exhausting 
  • Culture & Faith
Busyness for the sake of busyness doesn’t just hurt us; it can also hurt our relationships. If we are overscheduling ourselves, we might not have enough quality time with others, and we might miss out on being there for them when they need us.
Faith and Family 
  • From the Thred Desk
No family is perfect. No story is fully written. James and Jude were half-brothers of the literal Savior of the world—and they still took a whole lifetime to figure out how to live openly in their faith.
Rethink Evangelism
  • Calling & Purpose
By witnessing our faith in these ways, we…allow people to approach it if they want to. It's in these types of interactions—honest relationships and quiet conversations—that God starts to light flames of faith in people’s hearts.
God Knows Your Heart
  • Spiritual Disciplines
I found it deeply vulnerable to turn the corner at verse 13 and consider that God knows me so well because He actually made me – carefully and masterfully.
5 Ways to Live a More Authentic Life 
  • Spiritual Disciplines
Living an authentic life requires acknowledging when you are, or are not, living according to how God made you.
How to Share Your Faith in 30 Seconds 
  • Calling & Purpose
Opening the door to conversations about faith always feels risky, and unclear. At the same time, I desire them. I want my close friends to know the most important parts of my life, including the part that believes in Jesus.