A Disciplined Spiritual Life Month 1
  • Spiritual Disciplines
Simplicity’s challenge to us is to desire less, less, and less in a world of more, more, and more.
Come Together 
  • Calling & Purpose
We don’t have to live in a state of constant loneliness. We can do better. And by doing so, we can reflect the love of Jesus to each other.
How Much Jesus Has Done
  • Calling & Purpose
[Luke 8] is certainly an example of how, in Christ, we should view outcasts and aliens but, even more importantly, in this story of the demon-possessed pariah, we should see ourselves.
A Reality Check with Reality TV
  • Culture & Faith
Because while I may be able to see heartache and tears and triumph and laughter behind modern dating shows, what it boils down to is this: we were created to love and be loved, by our Creator and by the people He fills our lives with. And that is a reality I love to celebrate.
If You’re a Doubter, You’re Not Alone
  • Spiritual Identity
The thought “we’re all gonna die” can act as a kind of wake-up call…and it indicates how persistently we are haunted by the possibility that there might be something more, something unseen, something enchanted, something beyond.
Does Suffering Actually Make You Stronger?
  • Spiritual Disciplines
 No, suffering does not make you stronger. But with God’s help through the guidance of others, we can still find beauty in the life we live around and through the pain.