What to do when you doubt God
  • Spiritual Identity
On my own journey, I’m so thankful that I encountered believers who gave me the space and language and freedom to bite at God’s silence, to ask hard questions, to wonder. I’ve learned that God daily invites us into the wrestling ring with him. His people, Israel, had a name that meant “wrestles with God” after all.
A Christian Vision of Justice
  • Calling & Purpose
Justice is something every single person, in particular the Christian, can and must promote.
To Be a Witness 
  • Digital Evangelism
I truly believe that listening to people, trying to understand their points of view, and developing friendships over time is one of the purest ways of reflecting and sharing God’s love.
Carrying Assumptions 
  • Digital Evangelism
If I want to build bridges of communication we can both walk across, I need to recognize that my words carry assumptions, and I need to understand what those assumptions are.
Defining Comity
  • Digital Evangelism
It is time to find common ground. We share a common humanity. It’s time to honor humanity with an honest effort to have comity and peace among all of us.