It’s Okay to Doubt Your Faith
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Doubt can hit us at the most unexpected times, through both grief and celebration. But God is waiting for us on the other side of that doubt. We limit our concept of the Divine if we are to only remain in certainty.
Personal Identity in the Parent Adventure
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But when we choose to accept ourselves wholly for who we are, to see ourselves fully as parents, to see ourselves as parents who are artists, parents who are athletes, parents who are academics, we become better and strong individuals—ones who can reflect our own passions and personal values back to our children.
This Is the Reason You’re Here 
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...I want my life to count for something. And...the reason I’m here is to thoughtfully, faithfully take steps forward in my various vocations. The reason I’m here is to become implicated in the world around me.
Faith Is… 
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As Christians, “faith” is one of the most important words in our vocabulary. In fact, the Bible tells us that faith is essential for our eternal future because it is the way we receive God’s gifts of forgiveness and salvation. But do we really know what it means?
How Long, O Lord? 
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I have tried to find new ways to praise. I open my Bible and bow my head and I still turn the volume high on worship music. But it doesn’t feel the same. The joy is drained from my worship. And grief overtakes me once again.
Rearview Mirrors
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Every time I get into the car with my son now, I look at the rearview mirror a little differently. I remember the awesome opportunity to look back with gratitude, and look forward with hope. And, of course, I put on my seatbelt.
How to Help Your Friend with Mental Health Issues 
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I know what the bible says. David wrote heart-wrenching psalms. Job lost everyone and everything he loved and experienced immense suffering. Jesus sweat drops of blood in his anguish and sorrow. And depression and anxiety are part of being human.
Avoiding the Food Blame Game
  • Culture & Faith
Ultimately, I want my daughter to understand that her body does amazing things and that her body is an amazing thing. She is fearfully and wonderfully made, just as I am.