God’s Mission in the World and Your Purpose in It 
  • Calling & Purpose
...evangelism is actually God’s business. He’s out there ahead of us, doing His work in the lives of those who do not yet know Him. He’s introducing Himself to them. Our job in evangelism is to discover what He’s already doing, then enter the conversation.
An Expectant Mother’s Prayers
  • Spiritual Disciplines
Whether you are an expectant mother, a nervous father, an eager grandparent, or someone in between who feels the call to pray for a child who is not yet born, I share this with you. These are a few of my prayers.
When I Grow Up 
  • Calling & Purpose
When I was a child, I thought that the only way I could serve was by leading directly in the church. But as an adult, it turns out there are so many beautiful opportunities to be in and among the people of God.