How to be a trustworthy Christian online 
  • Digital Evangelism
…no matter where you find yourself in community with others online, I want to highlight some of the habits that helped establish trust and opened the door to conversations about faith.
Being a Person of Peace Online 
  • Digital Evangelism
When we interact online, we are faced not just with a choice of what to say, but what is inspiring our words. Emotions help us name our needs as humans, but do we choose to let them rule us or inspire us?
The Perilous Frontier of ME
  • Spiritual Identity
What would it mean if we began not by pointing the finger of blame away from us, but, in a reasonable and humble manner, toward ourselves? What if we answered, “What is wrong with the world?” by thinking first of…our own self-seeking, instead of the problems of others?
A Ukrainian Flag on Every Corner 
  • Digital Evangelism
What is the right way to respond to public crisis and tragedy? In a world where we have limited resources and little control, especially over events so far away, what should we do? Most importantly, what does God call us to do?