3 Prayers for When You’re Angry at God 
  • Spiritual Disciplines
It is nothing new to be angry at God. But these prayers from His Word embolden us in hope and trust in our Savior, even when our lives go in an unexpected direction.
The I in Community
  • From the Thred Desk
We tell our children that actions speak louder than words, but this isn’t exactly how we meet the world every day. Especially when words are all we have in our hardest moments, there’s an important balance between the things we say and what we do in our relationships with others.
A Simple, Daily Way to Interact with Scripture 
  • Spiritual Disciplines
I love scripture. Whenever I interact with it in a meaningful way, I leave feeling closer to Jesus. I’m less likely to worry, lash out in anger, or act in my own self-interest that day.
Restored for a Reason 
  • Spiritual Identity
Jesus doesn’t love us because we lived our lives without regret. And just as He knew that Peter would deny Him, our Lord knows what we have done, He knows about our guilt, He knows about our regrets, and for those sins He went to the Cross.
What To Know When You Don’t Know 
  • Calling & Purpose
We trust in the promise of Jesus’ love, even for those who confess their faith with dilated pupils and slow speech. After all, those who die are in the hands of God, and He is a far better judge of souls than we could ever be.