3 Reasons We Need to Care About Animals
  • Culture & Faith
No matter our political beliefs, we are called as Christians to be kinder, consume less, and become better stewards of all living things.
Finding a Church in My Neighborhood  
  • Calling & Purpose
Even if you don’t live in a major city or urban center, there are plenty of ways you can “walk” through your neighborhood and consider how your spiritual life is impacted by your community and how your spiritual life impacts the community around you.
Loving Harder in the Face of Violence
  • Culture & Faith
We must think creatively about how we practice and apply [love] everywhere and how our outreach can reach those who are hurting. We can think creatively about what tangible revolutions of kindness look like.
Borscht and Why It Matters
  • Digital Evangelism
But what I’m beginning to realize is that recognizing and respecting the way others’ experiences and identities are different from mine is a major part of treating them as valued individuals and loving them as God intends.
3 Ways to Love Others Through Food
  • Culture & Faith
The bottom line is that God cares about the hungry, the nutritionally starved, and those on the margins. We as God’s people should also care.