A Disciplined Spiritual Life Month 2
  • Spiritual Disciplines
Meditation is not just about emptying the mind. Instead, it’s about filling the mind, heart, and soul with a particular prayer, ritual activity, point to ponder, or passage of Scripture.
A Disciplined Spiritual Life
  • Spiritual Disciplines
…these disciplines are a gift. These historic practices are a way to help channel devotion and shape the daily practice of our faith. They’ve withstood the test of time for a reason.
I Wonder Why I Wander 
  • Spiritual Disciplines
When I take the time to regularly go wandering, I find my everyday life to be less noisy. The intimacy of my time wandering with Jesus and praying filters its way into my days. When stressors come, I can close my eyes, breathe deeply, listen intently, and hear the sounds of the trees, the birds, my footsteps, and the benefits of time spent with God.
Many Joyful Noises
  • From the Thred Desk
As a singer, I’ve learned harmony is about relationship. You can’t hit the right notes in a chord without listening to the other people around you.
Learn to Meditate like the Desert Saints
  • Spiritual Disciplines
The desert saints have emboldened us to be real about life. We are free to meditate on the truth of disappointment and sin....Trusting in the God who will never forget us, as shown by the uncertainty and failures of the saints who came before.
How Hymns Have Blessed My Life
  • Spiritual Disciplines
How can you inspire the people you meet today, both on and offline? Could music work as a connection or conversation starter? How can you share the joy of making a joyful noise to the Lord in your life?
Boredom and Happiness
  • Spiritual Disciplines
We need to do more than just reconsider how we use our devices. We need to redefine how we spend our days—and how we spend our lives.