Many Joyful Noises
  • From the Thred Desk
As a singer, I’ve learned harmony is about relationship. You can’t hit the right notes in a chord without listening to the other people around you.
Learn to Meditate like the Desert Saints
  • Spiritual Disciplines
The desert saints have emboldened us to be real about life. We are free to meditate on the truth of disappointment and sin....Trusting in the God who will never forget us, as shown by the uncertainty and failures of the saints who came before.
How Hymns Have Blessed My Life
  • Spiritual Disciplines
The word hymn comes from the Greek hymnos, meaning “song of praise.” Dating back to the ancient Jewish tradition of singing psalms in worship, there is a deep connection between church music and godly fellowship.
Boredom and Happiness
  • Spiritual Disciplines
We need to do more than just reconsider how we use our devices. We need to redefine how we spend our days—and how we spend our lives.