Finding a Church in My Neighborhood  
  • Calling & Purpose
Even if you don’t live in a major city or urban center, there are plenty of ways you can “walk” through your neighborhood and consider how your spiritual life is impacted by your community and how your spiritual life impacts the community around you.
Come Together 
  • Calling & Purpose
Even Jesus experienced the loneliness that many of us face today. He had friends and followers and people who walked with Him all the way to the cross, and still experienced loneliness as He hung there to die.
How Much Jesus Has Done
  • Calling & Purpose
[Luke 8] is certainly an example of how, in Christ, we should view outcasts and aliens but, even more importantly, in this story of the demon-possessed pariah, we should see ourselves.
A Reality Check with Reality TV
  • Culture & Faith
Because while I may be able to see heartache and tears and triumph and laughter behind modern dating shows, what it boils down to is this: we were created to love and be loved, by our Creator and by the people He fills our lives with. And that is a reality I love to celebrate.
Accidents Happen
  • Culture & Faith
..supporting and comforting people who are hurting is an opportunity to listen and truly understand how someone is feeling–and then love them where they are.
You Can’t Find Purpose from a Job Alone
  • Spiritual Identity
Work isn’t just where you make a living and earn a paycheck. You’re working when you’re changing your children’s diapers and seeking to raise them well. You’re working when you’re obeying the laws of your society, which aim to bring security and peace to you and your neighbors.
Choosing to Meet God as I Am
  • Culture & Faith
Some days I strive for answers by asking questions because I believe God is big enough and wants to hear them. Some days I rest in the peace that He’s simply a mystery and it’s okay that there is much I won’t know this side of heaven.
Loving Harder in the Face of Violence
  • Culture & Faith
We must think creatively about how we practice and apply [love] everywhere and how our outreach can reach those who are hurting. We can think creatively about what tangible revolutions of kindness look like.

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