It’s Okay to Doubt Your Faith
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Doubt can hit us at the most unexpected times, through both grief and celebration. But God is waiting for us on the other side of that doubt. We limit our concept of the Divine if we are to only remain in certainty.
A Disciplined Spiritual Life Month 4
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Above all, remember there are no “masters” in the spiritual life. The purpose of study is not to gain knowledge, per se, but to look at the world in light of our inestimable ignorance.
The Purpose of Burnout
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One problem with working too much—even if we love our job—is that work can crowd out other important things in life. If we put all our time and energy into our purpose-driven work—our “worthy cause”—we can’t put that time and energy into other aspects of life, like relationships, hobbies, and rest.
How to Talk about Your Faith
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To be a follower of Jesus means we are His disciples. A disciple is a learner or pupil. Notice the emphasis on receiving knowledge first in this definition.
A Disciplined Spiritual Life Month 3
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Though loving others across divides is messy and difficult, we need people who are not like us to share life’s joys and sorrows with, celebrate milestones, and be vulnerable around.
How to Help Others Feel Safe in Spiritual Spaces 
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Whether it’s my children, my spouse, or those in my online and in-person communities, this work continues to pave a road into the otherwise guarded parts of their hearts and souls.
With My Hands in the Dirt 
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If I’ve learned one thing through gardening, it is this: our God, the Gardener is so delighted.
A Disciplined Spiritual Life Month 2
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Meditation is not just about emptying the mind. Instead, it’s about filling the mind, heart, and soul with a particular prayer, ritual activity, point to ponder, or passage of Scripture.
Keep on Seeking 
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God is not going to leave you hanging if you long to see Jesus, if you seek after Him in faith. Keep seeking! Keep pursuing! Keep searching the Scriptures and you will see Jesus! Because the one who went to the cross for you will not abandon you in your search. The one who rose again will not forget you.

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