With My Hands in the Dirt 
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If I’ve learned one thing through gardening, it is this: our God, the Gardener is so delighted.
A Disciplined Spiritual Life Month 2
  • Spiritual Disciplines
Meditation is not just about emptying the mind. Instead, it’s about filling the mind, heart, and soul with a particular prayer, ritual activity, point to ponder, or passage of Scripture.
Keep on Seeking 
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God is not going to leave you hanging if you long to see Jesus, if you seek after Him in faith. Keep seeking! Keep pursuing! Keep searching the Scriptures and you will see Jesus! Because the one who went to the cross for you will not abandon you in your search. The one who rose again will not forget you.
3 Lessons from My Grown-Up Kids 
  • Spiritual Identity
Jennifer and I were very intentional in raising loving, faithful, and engaged children, trying never to speak down to them, and regularly inviting conversation where disagreement presented itself.  This approach has provided our relationships with our grown-up kids much greater depth, equality, and mutual respect, and we are grateful for it and our adult children.
3 Prayers for When You’re Angry at God 
  • Spiritual Disciplines
It is nothing new to be angry at God. But these prayers from His Word embolden us in hope and trust in our Savior, even when our lives go in an unexpected direction.
A Disciplined Spiritual Life Month 1
  • Spiritual Disciplines
Simplicity’s challenge to us is to desire less, less, and less in a world of more, more, and more.
6 Ways Christians Can Become Trauma-Informed 
  • Calling & Purpose
Ultimately, Christ models for us the foundational principle of how we are to be trauma-informed—by being connected to God and being relationally present to the joys and the pain of one another—and to do so in community.
How to be a trustworthy Christian online 
  • Digital Evangelism
…no matter where you find yourself in community with others online, I want to highlight some of the habits that helped establish trust and opened the door to conversations about faith.
Cultivating Faith-Fueled Community Online
  • Digital Evangelism
Remaining with others through division and standing on the rock of my Redeemer means I honor the Divine Hands that made the person on the other side of the internet from me.
Being a Person of Peace Online 
  • Digital Evangelism
When we interact online, we are faced not just with a choice of what to say, but what is inspiring our words. Emotions help us name our needs as humans, but do we choose to let them rule us or inspire us?

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