How to Help Others Feel Safe in Spiritual Spaces 
  • Calling & Purpose
Whether it’s my children, my spouse, or those in my online and in-person communities, this work continues to pave a road into the otherwise guarded parts of their hearts and souls.
6 Ways Christians Can Become Trauma-Informed 
  • Calling & Purpose
Ultimately, Christ models for us the foundational principle of how we are to be trauma-informed—by being connected to God and being relationally present to the joys and the pain of one another—and to do so in community.
Accidents Happen
  • Culture & Faith
..supporting and comforting people who are hurting is an opportunity to listen and truly understand how someone is feeling–and then love them where they are.
You Can’t Find Purpose from a Job Alone
  • Spiritual Identity
Work isn’t just where you make a living and earn a paycheck. You’re working when you’re changing your children’s diapers and seeking to raise them well. You’re working when you’re obeying the laws of your society, which aim to bring security and peace to you and your neighbors.
Choosing to Meet God as I Am
  • Culture & Faith
Some days I strive for answers by asking questions because I believe God is big enough and wants to hear them. Some days I rest in the peace that He’s simply a mystery and it’s okay that there is much I won’t know this side of heaven.
Is God Ghosting Me?
  • Spiritual Identity
It has been six years since my daughter took her last breath in my arms, and I am just now beginning to hear God again. It hasn’t been an easy process, and it is a process far from over.
I’m a Pastor and I Need Counseling
  • Calling & Purpose
...counseling can help individuals to be more resilient and better able to handle the challenges that life throws their way. This can ultimately make them more effective at the job they love doing—pastoring, shepherding, and loving those entrusted to their care.
How to Wrestle Online
  • From the Thred Desk
Jacob reminds us daily that spiritual wrestling is not about power and victory, but rather about vulnerability and relationship.
ADHD and Me 
  • Spiritual Identity
Women with ADHD often go undiagnosed because society tells us to turn our struggles inward. We assume that if we can’t meet certain standards or perform certain tasks that we must be the problem, not the expectations that are placed on us.